Friday 13 November 2015

Minimal Effort - Bike Design Stolen Again

In 2011, I started to design bikes, I produced these images for a bike concept I was working on, these where some of the very first designs rendered, numerous iterations followed, pedal power, ebike, direct drive, belt drive, mono shock suspension(lefty), or hardtail etc. Imagine my surprise when just yesterday I found a bike just like it on Behance, one of the places I first published the design, along with LinkedIn,,000 views to date), GrabCad, and this blog.

Over the years I continued to design many other product ideas, and like a fool, you release these ideas into the wild, through sites like GrabCad, and for every person that can be bothered to click the like button, there are many more who download the images(for what?) but cant be bothered to say thanks.

I will be asking GrabCad to provide info on who Downloads, not just who Likes, far more interesting information to have, IP would be even better. Using the I.P. to catch the IP thieves.
Design Pirates Lurk on every street corner, one image could contain many months of thoughts, refinements, ideas, mistakes, leaps of logic, aesthetic judgements, etc...all can be stolen in an instant,
"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism, to steal ideas from many is research"

More info to follow on the story of the 2014 & the Oregon Bike Fest, Minimal Design (MNML) and the Blackline Bike. I was also alerted to Kaymen Bikes design of 2014, another bike that looks like a design of mine from 2013, a little more fastnbulbus perhaps, but a sibling without doubt.

In all the articles on the web about the Blackline bike I find it really strange they don't talk about the things that matter, the design engineering challenge that had to be overcome to provide a rigid enough frame(one that wont bend), also that they had to farm out the design to various teams, which makes me wonder did they not have the design skills to design handlebars or a bike rack, perhaps it was just a case of time? I have a further set of images which proves they have taken many other cues from various other bikes.

I am currently compiling all the info of the offending parties, so I can send them all a further piece of my mind. So far the list of companies mentioned in the articles about the bike are numerous, with sponsors like Levi's, Fuji, Samsung, and so called authorities/societies like IDSA, the bike was a winner of an IDSA Gold award...

So must get too it, will update as more info comes in,
in the meantime unleash the beast