Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Photographers Dream Machine

The initial concept came about by wanting to combine all camera support gear with a bike for easy transport, wanting to provide the ideal support system for mobile gas free photography. Pro bikes these days cost a lot of money, more than my first motorbike, and at the end of the day they are still just expensive bikes. Parking them up without trying to remove anything of value would be a mistake, so I thought if you have to dismantle the bike anyway, why not have the items useful as photo support equipment.

El Diablo

El Diablo The RED BULL Prototype....Everything can Change count on it!

The name came about while waiting for the RED Scarlet, just before they decided to tell us the camera we had been waiting for for 3 years, wasn't going to happen, the Scarlet Fixed was shelved and the price of what was available shot through the roof. Which is why we will have to pay very close attention to costing production of the support equipment, so we dont over promise and under deliver.


Form Fit & Function

During the next few months I hope to concentrate on the camera stabilizer, but also on some of the additional photographic support items. Having Rails to run on seems could help to Focus  the Project and provide the funding for the rest of the build, spending time on the simple parts first should be the order of things.

Modular Support System

Work has already started on a new improved ISO Arm, so much easier when you have plans to work from.
The above images where so crude and all the angles wrong, since these initial designs many more reference assets have been sourced. Now  have my work cut out modeling many missing parts, deciding which features to include, weather to go with 2,3 or 4 wheels. The problem with a Recumbant Trike is it's deviating from the initial concept of being able to Travel Light and remove required tools & lock up the rest, though if I had my way every part of the bike would have additional function.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Prototype 1

The initial design phase was limited by the software chosen, so didn't progress past a few ideas, as I knew it would all need re-inventing. While you can build anything you want in 3DSMAX to the correct dimensions, the editing tools available are just not the same as using a real solid modelling program. 3DSMAX has no STEP file output, Solid Modeling programs have additional things like bearings & fasteners, it's much more fun having the right tool for the job.

Ideas for Inclusion into the Photo Bike:
Stabilizer, Winch, Telescopic Boom / Monopod /Sled
16mm Rails, 3D LR/90 Deg' Rig
Regenerative Power & other generator/motor technology?
Extension Arms, 360 Nodal Pan,  Pano Object table
Grips, Plates, Shoulder Pads, Balance weights & plenty of mounting holes

With further development who knows, Carbon Slider and one of those rigs that fly's on wire, no not the pegasus. Still working on the design of the lockable Iso elastic (or other) cross bar, who knows maybe that will be separate, and this cross bar could be used as on a one piece arm. I've seen many interesting design ideas, folding wheels Who knows maybe the wheels could be made into a mini-track?

A search for the perfect combination of Form & Function!