Friday 23 October 2015

GoGo Bike Scammers Caught Red Handed!

Well its been an interesting few days, I was alerted to the fact that this ebike concept, produced in 2013, was causing a stir on IndieGoGo. Thanks to all those who contacted me after recognizing the bike as mine. Images Taken Without Consent! More on this as soon as I've compiled the info. Took 2 days to get the Campaign Pulled but it's down now and hopefully people will recieve their refunds ASAP. The experience has been interesting but not unexpected, perhaps it's time to re-visit this design & finish it. I've been so busy creating other designs to get them out of my mind and into the computer, whilst searching for the best product to launch for crowdfunding, with all the doubts that go with such undertakings. So far no explanation or redress, public statement has been offered from IndieGoGo I wonder will they help to track down the fraudsters & prosecute? I doubt it but I will let you know what happens.